Commercial Software Solutions
A guide to commercial parental control software

Many commercial software applications are available that can easily block your families access to websites that you desire. Many of these softwares can also block access to chatrooms and forums where online pretadors often attempt to communicate with children. Combining one of these softwares with a responsible plan to monitor your children can help make the internet a place where your family can safely collect information and find entertainment.

All, inc has NO affiliation with the softwares listed below.
We provide this page to help educate parents as to how commercially available software packages can assist them in better controlling their families online activities and where they can purchase some of these products.

Listed below are some of the features you can expect to find in the softwares listed below.

  • Filter 'adults only' websites and newsgroups.
  • Restrict Internet time to a predetermined schedule.
  • Decide which programs can have internet access.
  • Limit the amount of data that can be sent or received to/from your computer.
  • Block e-mails, online chats, instant messages and P2P connections with inappropriate words.
  • Set different levels of restrictions for every member of your family depending on their maturity, interest, habits, and parental control needs.
  • Get detailed Internet activity logs.

  • Some products have more features than others, so we suggest you follow the links and make the decision that best suits the needs and goals for your family.

    Norton Internet Security Cyber Sitter

    Net Nanny Kids Watch

    Spector Pro Guardian

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