Blocking Websites with IE Content Advisor

Blocking adult websites is easy with Microsoft Internet Explorer's Content Advisor feature. The Content Advisor empowers parents to control the amount of Nudity, Language, Sex and Violence that their family can view. And it's free too because it comes pre-installed on Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser. For this reason we suggest that you only have the Internet Explorer browser installed on your computer (unfortunately, other browsers don't have this feature).
  1. IE broswer is free
  2. It comes pre-installed on all versions of the Internet Explorer Browser
  3. It's easy to use
  4. It lets you block all websites that are rated as 'adult website' using the ICRA labelling system.
Most computers come with Internet Explorer installed, but if you don't have it we have provided links to the free downloads:

  • IE for Windows Users no running XP
  • IE for Windows XP users
  • IE for Mac users
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